How To Buy A Suit Online?

1. Know about you measurement

A. Measure your own jacket

Measure the jacket in your wardrobe that fits you best.

Memorize those measurements. Then use them as a baseline when looking at possible purchases.

B. Measure your body

Also you can measure yourself to determine what size you are.

B.1 Chest

As this is the most important measurement you'll need, this is where we'll start. Make sure you're standing up straight with your arms relaxed at your side. Get your new little helper to wrap the tape measure around your chest area, it should brush over your shoulder blades and go the entire way around your body. Record the measurement and make sure the tape measure can move and is not too tight as this will present you with a very tight fitting jacket size.

B.2 Waist

As well as the chest measurement, a waist measurement for men is also essential, this is done in the same way but around your waist.

B.3 Shoulder

Having the right shoulder width is probably the second most important measurement. The jackets shoulders should fall smoothly around your shoulder and will allow for movement of your arms if it's not fit too small. Also, if the shoulder space is too big, the jacket wont fall nicely and you will look swamped by fabric. To do this measurement, make sure you are standing relaxed and place the tape measure across your back from one shoulder to the other. The tape measure should mould to your shoulders so an accurate measurement can be made.

B.4 Jacket Length

Length on a jacket can vary as there are a lot of different jacket lengths out their. However, the length will be different for the shorter man and the taller man as well as it depending on how long you want the jacket to be. Using the tape measure, place it on the top of your shoulder where you would have a shirt or t-shirt seem. 

B.5 Sleeve Length

A jacket with sleeves that are too long isn't a good look and sleeves that are too short looks like you've just had a growth spurt, which is probably unlikely. Getting the right length is therefore crucial. To measure this place your hand on your hip so your arm is slightly bent, measure from the centre back of your neck all the way along your arm to the wrist.

2. After Services Support

A. Alteration

A.1 To ensure our products fit you perfectly, we would return 10% amount of your suit order for your personal alteration use. 

A.2 Find your local tailors to have fine tuned.

B. Our Promises

If your suit doesn't fit the way it should, let us know & we will make it right.

C. Return & Refund Policy

Exchange only. No Refund. 

If you would like to exchange an item because the fit is not right, tell us the replacement size and send your item(s) back to us within 7 days of receiving your order. There is no charge to exchange items for a different size, however all exchanges are based on stock availability. Shipping is also free on the replacement item, but if you are based outside of Asia you will need to pay shipping fee on this.



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